Manx Radio’s Sunday Opinion programme covered something of importance to us all. The discussion centred on Manx produce and the issues involved in producing and labelling our locally-grown food. It seems that island organic food production has almost been dismissed as totally impractical. Could it be that GM (genetically modified) might be viewed as a more suitable path to take? Information I hold leads me to believe this could be the case.

Why then does the German government feel that organic carrots are so important that they subsidise growers to the tune of two hundred and thirty thousand euros over a three year period (yet our tiny nation is being told that it is almost impossible to oversee organic production?):

It’s not a fortune but the gesture is important.

The French, Germans, Italians etc place enormous importance on quality vegetables and foodstuffs. The Brits, meanwhile, are sadly renowned for microwaved specialities from the freezer. Our European neighbours also continue to oppose GM. Quite rightly too. These Frankenfoods have yet to be proven to be safe. Little research has been carried out and it now seems that negative results have been hidden. GM kills livestock:

Could it be that the Isle of Man is open to UK brainwashing as usual?


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