Glitz and bling

There is a discernible difference between children in mainland Europe and British children. It seems that while our neighbours are content to let children grow up at their own pace and in their own time British children are fed a diet of media trivia and almost encouraged to become mini-adults. The continentals wear suitable clothing while we like our little girls to appear in sized- down women’s attire – or so it seems. And if we compare the ladies each side of the channel it does appear that we have a leaning to rather questionable attire. Or as one US comedian put it: “What’s not to like about the UK? Your women dress like hookers.” Not all Brits of course. But the tendency is quite apparent.

The benchmark?

The UK also has a preoccupation with interfering with children’s lives. Naturally, the Isle of Man appears to follow suit. We slipped in the “new working practices” and all this entailed. From reports I have received there appears to be a tendency to grade children’s behaviour in school – age-appropriate or maybe too childish?? If such measures are being implemented then it begs the question whether the grading is somehow related to the phenomenal and as yet unexplained rise in the prescription of pyschopharma for children. Who devised the criteria and how sane were they?

Lunatics running the asylum?

Judging by the latest reports from the adjacent isle we really need to question what is going on over there and stop blindly following the latest UK trends. It seems that inspectors have praised infant schools that introduced cross-dressing and happily label very young children as transgender.


Wake up guys! How many adolescents have a crush on a same gender teacher (a topic covered on BBC this evening btw.) while going on to have quite uncomplicated heterosexual relationships at a later age? It is simply idiocy to even consider this approach to infants – and what’s the betting that our continental neighbours are not doing this?

Police state matrix

The extent of control and labelling that goes on is quite abnormal. Those from farther afield are puzzled that we are unable to recognise the collectivist regime we live under. But then in order to do this we need to stop consuming media trivia and dare to take the red pill.


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