Surprise! The individual calling for us to take back our power is a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher – Lord Christopher Monckton. I kid you not. He is on his way to Rio 2. Remember Rio and restrictions? Well, twenty years later leaders are meeting at Rio 2. The good news? The environment has lost its number one position as being the biggest threat worldwide. The present enemy is now considered to be poverty and rightly so. While do-gooders postulate about man’s effect on the climate and fret over polar bears, millions are dying from poverty and hunger. How can we even consider worldwide restrictions when some countries are challenged enough by want and famine?

Monckton explains how  “the governing class treats people with absolute contempt” and how this can be brought to an end. An uplifting video if ever there was one.

Is there really such a thing as right or left – or are these part of the matrix? It seems to me that infighting is the order of the day. But let’s not get bogged down with theories and political parties, the important thing is that we now have an establishment figure confirming the plot and urging us to take charge. We can take action against those who ignore our wishes.

Please take the time to watch.


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