Now some may feel that a certain Jurby inmate has little room to point the finger at others. However, the other side of things is that this guy has nothing to gain from his public correspondence. Trevor Baines suggests that the present Pinewood deal has been born out of a failed venture and that the new Isle of Man based owners of Pinewood Shepperton  “appear to be reducing some of their financial exposure by involving our government.”

Mr B appears to have little faith in the film industry. A founder member of the Isle of Man Film Commission –  set up with the aim of attracting filming to the island while protecting the tax payer, it seems – he goes on to say that government control resulted in investing “vast amounts of money” in a series of box-office failures. He concludes that the film industry is a high-risk investment and that it seldom attracts serious investors for this reason.

No doubt the contents of the letter in this week’s Manx Independent will spark denials and put-downs but could Mr B have a point? Personally, I think he does. Why the pressure to invest in a less than flourishing industry?



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