This blog is about retaining freedom and probing the legislative system which appears to have gone crazy. Legislation (very, very frequently emanating from the EU) finds its way into our lives where it really has no place.

The message from the constabulary: Low crime rate. High detection rate. Safe place to live.

The message from our legislators seems to be: Be scared. Be prepared. We need utter control?

The question is: Why do our legislators seem happy to introduce highly controlling, unnecessary and intrusive measures? Compare Parliament Street and Amsterdam. Where do you find the most CCTV cameras per head? The answer: Not Amsterdam.

Finding the answer to the above conundrum is what this blog is all about so the coming PAG meeting on Monday 25th June sounds exceptionally interesting:

“Criminal Justice – why so many new laws?”


 A public debate between Hon Juan Watterson MHK (Minister for Home Affairs)

and civil liberties campaigner Tristram Llewellyn Jones


7.30 p.m. Monday 25th June 2012

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

Admission free – All welcome


The Government’s 5 year legislative programme includes a number of criminal justice and social bills. Future bills include legislation on hatred, equality and interception of communications.


The first is the Criminal Justice, Police Powers and Other Amendments Bill 2012  currently out for public Consultation (closing 24 th July 2012) 

This proposed Bill contains 35 Clauses and includes many contentious powers already rejected by the public and the Keys in the previous Bill. Importantly, the Police seek a power to arrest people, without a warrant, even before they have committed an offence. Other tricky powers include a Clause allowing the Department of Home Affairs to create an unlimited number of offences for which a child may be arrested, detained and questioned at a Police station. 


The evening promises a lively debate on some very topical issues and as usual the audience will be invited to participate in the discussion.


Everyone is welcome – Admission free!


W Roger Tomlinson



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