“The island should be prepared to stand up for itself and should be ready to become independent if it were necessary …”

“I hope that the constitutional relationship with the UK will continue. But if it becomes plain that our interests in fact lie in being independent it doesn’t seem to be that we should bury our head in the sand and say we’re not going to do that.”

Could this be a sign of hope for us all? As if! It is Jersey that is discussing the break with the UK. Do you really think our politicians whom we elected to carry out our wishes would be considering that? They know that what we really want is to risk multi millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on struggling businesses. It must be what we wanted, because that is what they are doing.

Anyway, it seems that Jersey is not happy with the UK and residents feel it is not acting in the interests of the island. Where have we heard that before? The question is: Why don’t we join forces? It is obvious that we are dealing with the same issues. Working together sounds like a much better plan.

Btw. the following link demonstrates exactly why we should be very careful about giving the police more powers:


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