There was an excellent turnout at the PAG meeting. Questions from the public were, almost without exception, based on the same issue: Demonstrate why these proposals are necessary. Unfortunately, I did not have the impression that the question was answered. Watterson waffled (IMO). Top marks for evading the question. That shows he’s made of true politician stuff.

We were told that it was about – guess what – protection! The trigger word for apoplexy as far as I’m concerned. While our wellbeing is almost certainly  threatened by £24,000,000 investments in doldrum businesses we shouldn’t worry too much about that. Instead think of our many arsonists, murderers and rapists who could be apprehended much more easily if the measures proposed in the Bill go through. Wow – that’s a relief. I thought we might be more threatened by poverty and cuts in basic services but it just goes to show how little we know about criminal matters on the island. After all, our members were told not to question the Pinewood investment – just vote. No issues there then. No, we really need to focus on hypothetical juvenile crime – and of course on those who look as if they might be about to commit an offence.

This puts so many things in a completely new light. Your neighbour who practises the French horn can now safely be apprehended before any sound is emitted – before the assault on the eardrums occurs. Your nearest and dearest could even be prevented from grasping the remote in order to turn on the soaps. After all that must be an assault on the senses.  Those prone to travel sickness on buses following alcohol consumption can be removed and prevented from puking and damaging property. I’m beginning to see the positive side of things.

Oh, I see. You think I have misconstrued things? Well, maybe I have. But can we really be intending to introduce draconian measures for very rare crimes?Above all where is the outcry for the necessity for these measures? Who has been campaigning for the introduction of these?

The audience did not appear to be convinced by Mr Watterson’s lacklustre response. However, a lack of response to the consultation could permit the Bill to be passed. There has already been a reasonable amount of respondents, but if you wish to be a part of the legislative process and ensure that common sense prevails then please take part in the consultation:


Many thanks to all those who made the meeting possible.


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