A Slippery Slope

Look, we have looked at the Icelandic Economic Model, & this

Irish plan is far better. The Icelandics have it all wrong and they

are heading down a slippery slope. What they have done is all

well and good as a short term solution, but won’t facilitate the

Irish State in their proliferation of their continued Pillage of the

People of this Island.


The Icelandic People will regret what they’ve done:

They have kicked out the EU, the IMF and the One World Bank.

They have paid off ALL of the Alleged & Apparent National Debt.

They have recovered their Economy and are trading internationally.

They have Prosecuted & Imprisoned Bankers, Politicians & Civil Servants.

They have reclaimed their Fishing Rights and ALL of their Natural Resources.

They have precluded Oligarchs and Corporations from Persecuting their People.


“Down with that sort of thing”

Manxasthehills: Thanks to Des Carty of the Common Law Society for the above. Well said.


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