We are told that Protocol 3 is essential if we are to trade with the EU. However, the following demonstrates that neither EU membership nor a general trading agreement are necessary in order to successfully sell wares and services to our European neighbours:

Switzerland, which isn’t in the EEA but instead relies on a series of sectoral free trade deals, sells four-and-a-half times as much. So much for the risible notion that three million British jobs ‘depend on the EU’. (I write this with conviction, as one of the tiny handful of Britons whose job genuinely does depend on the EU: no one looks forward more eagerly to his redundancy.)


As an MEP, Daniel Hannan, should know what he’s talking about.

The most disturbing part of the EU/IOM relationship is the fact that we appear to be absorbing EU legislation which has been adopted by the UK and tweaked a little before being introduced to the Isle of Man. A contact in the UK tells me that investigation has shown that the UK is in a similar position. Unnecessary legislation is constantly being introduced and that comparison has revealed that it is in fact EU legislation.

We all know that we are harmonising legislation with the UK – so where are these inappropriate statutes coming from? It would appear that the trail points to the EU.

So we claim to be an independent nation while at the same time we are tied up in trading agreements which other countries do not require. Furthermore, we appear to be adopting EU legislation, like it or not. We can only guess at the costs we incur in time and admin expenses!

Why are we doing this? Well, we all know that the signatories of the Lisbon Treaty effectively sold their people and their sovereignty down the river. The question is: Are we really not included in the Lisbon Treaty, or did our dear old Big Brother UK somehow include us in things? Can you think of any other reason for our legislators’ compliance?

Why are we habitually opposing the introduction of stringent legislation which no-one requested and which apparently is inappropriate and unnecessary? Who keeps foisting it on us and why? Are they following a script?

If anyone can suggest other plausible reasons please leave a comment.


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