It seems that increased Ritalin prescribing is not restricted to the Isle of Man. This appears to be happening everywhere where western medicine is the norm. How strange! Why has a generation of children with issues suddenly appeared? Could it be that children are being graded and labeled (yes, it does sound a bit like processing foodstuffs) and those who do not conform to the declared norm are then candidates for Mother’s Little Helper?

As stated in previous posts, forcing physcopharma on children seems to me to be one of the worst crimes imaginable. Having ditched the Ritalin prescribed for my child some years ago and never, ever having regretted it I feel very sorry for children who are forced to take it. I read the leaflet beforehand. We really do need to think twice before getting our children hooked on mind-altering substances.

Why the increase then? Well, imagine you have a failing business. Customers have realised that there are alternative, cheaper and more natural solutions available and now many shun the original products. Profits fall. What to do? Well, how about putting together some prophylactic items and then making sure everyone takes it? Something that supposedly prevents illness? That should be easy to push. How about creating endless vaccines and then coercing parents into ensuring the children receive them? Wow! That’s a money-maker for you. Then again, we could put a few “guidelines” together and decide that many children are in need of treatment for non-existent illnesses. Repeat these actions all over the world to ensure your income is astronomical.

Who decides on the criteria, and why? Down under things are no different:

The Australian programme would see doctors use a checklist to consider behaviours like shyness and sleeping with the light on as signs of possible psychological problems……

B4 School includes a checklist called the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire alongside vision, hearing and health tests. It asks parents and teachers about a child’s behaviour, including if they often lose their temper, are easily distracted, are generally liked by others, and if they are nervous or clingy in new situations.

It rates children as normal, abnormal or borderline, and produces a score indicating whether a child is likely to have a significant problem.

The results can be broken down for pro-social behaviour, hyperactivity, emotional symptoms, conduct and peer disorders.

In the most recent quarter one in 10 children was identified as borderline or abnormal. They can be referred to a paediatrician or child mental health expert.


Mr Robertshaw appears unconcerned by the island’s trend in Ritalin consumption. Perhaps he hasn’t stopped to consider what really might be behind the phenomenal rise in Ritalin prescription. If medics say it’s ok, then it is?

Where would Einstein be in the current drug taking climate? He was a late talker. Oh no! A definite candidatefor intervention! He might well have been medicated and then what would have happened to this highly intelligent man? Do you believe that his life might have been slightly different? We simply shouldn’t grade young children.



  1. If only! Unfortunately,the mainstream propaganda system is still in full swing and politcians seem unable to think for themselves and negative reports about vaccines will probably be viewwd as coinspiracy theories.Our present Treasury Minister took little part in fluoridation discussions with the public when he was Health Minister. Having had the proposal presented by an ADVISING OFFICER,complaints from the public were automatically diverted to the officer in question. However, the Italian case could certainly be very useful for quoting when parents are faced with a stasi-like system

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