Whatever your views on Roger Hayes’ activities (personally I think he has every right to withhold payments which will be passed to the EU –  approval of membership of this corporation has neither been sought nor approved by the electorate), the extremely serious issue which has arisen from this present situation is that we now have 100% proof that secret courts are held in the UK.

RH was given no opportunity to arrange defence, the public was given no information about the proceedings and his family received no indication of  whereabouts until the evening when they were informed by a prison warden that he had been given a 21 day prison sentence.

You still don’t think this is a tad totalitarian in nature?

This has to be of concern to every thinking human being. The police obviously already have quite enough powers. Yet here we are – in a low-crime, high detection rate, safe place to live – permitting the police to increase their power. Because if we don’t respond to the consultation document then we are doing just that. Permission granted through apathy!

Yes, I know that the UK and the IOM are different places but as we are continuing to adopt UK unnecessary legislation the difference is becoming less and less distinct. Why do we adopt legislation we do not appear to require? Why do we follow the UK’s questionable practices? With an adjacent island demonstrating a rapid decline into stasi-style practices surely it is high time to dig our heels in once and for all.

PS Enjoyed some excellent correspondence in the Examiner this week. The comments about paranoid US and unpleasant UK security practices were spot on. This stuff is becoming so in your face that it amazes me how readily people comply without questioning.


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