Did you hear everyone – politicians included – mentioning this blog today? It  was astonishing to hear so many singing about being ” free as thy sweet mountain air.” Sadly, we aren’t. A glance at local newspaper correspondence makes it fairly clear that some feel they elect an MHK and they get the ptb – politburo   powers that be. Ptb in the form of a dictatorship – some have said. Toe the line or lose your ministership. Yes, we all know that is how it works, but is it democracy?

I didn’t see you there though. Nor did you see me. While I love the idea of celebrating this historic tradition dating back to Viking times I just can’t stomach the sham of pretending that we are an independent nation. The fact is that we adopt EU law masquerading as UK law  – most of which is totally unsuited to our needs – while we pretend that we are self-governing.

Have you noticed that if we reject a Bill that it either turns up again in slightly different guise or perhaps in the form of “new working practices”? This is not freedom nor is it democracy imo!

Did I really hear a Manx Radio commentator ask a politician if our members had not been having too easy a time of things lately and that there hadn’t been many new laws introduced in recent years? Firstly, these are statutes, not laws. Secondly, this begs the question: What is the prime purpose of Tynwald members? Is it not to represent us and our wishes? More laws required? I don’t think so.


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