Weather getting you down? Where on earth (pun intended) is the global warming? Bring it on, I’d say. Perhaps we can have a decent summer for once.

Please, please don’t assume I have no empathyfor polar bears or coastal dwellers. It’s just that it simply isn’t happening. Remember the 50,000,000 climate refugees that thankfully didn’t appear? Well, that’s not all that isn’t happening.

With ‘catastrophic anthropogenic global warming’ now well and truly debunked as falsehood, solar activity seen as the main driver of Earth’s climate and climate-warming scares now openly exposed (by a former UK Government science tsar) as a ruse to establish Malthusian Global Government…..


Nobel prize-winner Ivor Giaever states that:

Climate change is pseudo science


Word on the block is that our problems are more likely to be caused by those tampering with the stratosphere – Stratospheric geoengineering:


Of course this never happens here. Don’t fret. Those criss-cross ‘contrails’ that appear in the sky and spread out over a period of hours are just nothing to worry about……..


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