Ten year old rapists must really be a problem on the Isle of Man. What a relief that the ptb are planning to introduce legislation which will ensure they can be arrested. Well, we can all sleep peacefully again. After all we can’t have our low-crime, high detection rate, safe place to live being even threatened by the mere possibility of such occurences.

Why not introduce thought crime while you are at it, Juan? After all you are obviously aiming this Bill at highly hypothetical cases. Silly me – I forgot. It does include thought crime. After all it provides for apprehending us if a police officer thinks we might be thinking of committing a crime. Does this extend to thinking about puking on public vehicles before you actually do it? Yes, I know that’s a little unkind but it just goes to show how easily things might be misinterpreted and how inappropriate and unnecessary these suggestions are.  Is the public demanding these measures? I don’t think so. Are the police?

Dear old JW didn’t appear to convince anyone at the PAG meeting and I suspect the responses to the consultation increased. Why else would we be treated to the Juan Watterson Roadshow?

What I took away from the meeting was that there are International Responsibilities to be considered and that JW’s head would roll if any of these hypothetical crimes should occur and he neglected to get us all on board. (No it’s tempting but I shall avoid further puns on this topic LOL).

Bottom line: unnecessary, unwanted and way OTT. Whose idea was this? Who told JW that he would be in the firing line if the Bill isn’t passed?

ps  Contacts in the UK tell me that these measures are already in place there! They say it all originated from the EU


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