It seems we still need some convincing about the proposed new police powers as Juan Watterson is bringing along reinforcements to his roadshows in the form of regional members of the Police Consultative Forum (Regional – we’re talking uk wide then? No prizes for guessing who really wants us to adopt these powers) and “senior officers from the Department of Home Affairs”.

So they wish to increase their powers? Just like they have done in the adjacent isle? There is, however, a slight difference. The UK has a Freedom of Information Act – we are still waiting and for this reason increased police powers seem even more inappropriate.


Freedom of Information responses revealed that there were now 2,617 people   licensed under the Community Safety Accreditation Schemes introduced by   Labour – a rise of 1,000 in three years. The officials have as little as five days’ training but there are concerns   they may now have powers to dish out penalty notices for offences that could  wreck people’s careers, a newspaper reported.

At least UK residents have the possibility of obtaining information. First give us the long awaited FOI in a usable form. With little insight into what goes on there is no way we should be permitting police to increase their powers. Transparency is essential. Things appear a little one-sided at present.


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