Why do we need measures from the EU Arrest Warrant?

Again the question: Why should we introduce draconian legislation into a quiet, low crime rate, high detection rate, safe place to live? Above all why are “they” seeking to introduce measures derived from the EU Arrest Warrant when we are not EU members?

We can be sure that there has already been a lively public response to the consultation. I suspect this is the reason for the JW Roadshow with backing group composed of advising officers et al.

Police / interagency co-operation is not always helpful  for victims

It is right to question these proposals as once in place we could discover that freedoms have been removed. The Child Database was intended to permit inter-agency co-operation. Is this presently the case or is this also on the back burner to be introduced once the Police Powers legislation goes through (only if we let it).

Common Law and our rights endangered

The dangers of such a situation are incalculable and in the following video from the UK Column a caller claims that police prevented forensic evidence being taken following a sexual assault she had suffered. She then goes on to explain that the police work is affected by inter-agency concerns. As a result of this issue the situation escalated to such an extent that she felt forced to leave the country.

Brian Gerrish also refers to Roger Hayes and how a senior court clerk stated that Common Law no longer applies in magistrates courts. We are told this is incorrect – but of great concern since Common Law is our protection More on Roger soon. He is presently on hunger strike as protest about what he sees as gross injustice. How can anyone be tried without a defence?

If you value your freedom then please respond to the consultation. No-one has ever announced a pending police state with pride.

UK Column Live Monday – Friday. Our chance to access the news that controlled media do not publicise.


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