Microwaves are everywhere. Mobile phone technology uses microwaves – the assault on our cells is probably incalculable. However, who wants to be without a mobile these days? They can save lives, after all. The downside is that microwaves can also maim and kill. Time and again we hear that the masts necessary for mobile communication are harmless – so harmless in fact that schools have been selected as suitable sites – yet we now have evidence of the extent microwave technology can affect our cells.

Dr Barrie Trower explains how a Prime Minister, government ministers and olympic athletes felt they were being targeted by microwaves. Dr Trower was called in to assist in the detection work. He goes on to explain that anyone can be targeted, including government officials which can result in false or bad decisions, blackmail etc. Several countries, including the UK and the US, have been experimenting with this technology over the years.

It seems that targeted use of microwaves can cause olympic athletes to be lethargic – or in other cases it can be used to stimulate the adrenals for a positive affect. Dr Trower goes on to explain that someone can be tracked from several streets away and that short term use can be achieved with a hand-held device from close range.

The trailer to the interview about the olympic issue can be viewed here:

If this whets your appetite you might well be interested in the following longer interview:

Barrie Trower states, “In the 1960s I trained at the Government Microwave Warfare Establishment. I worked with the Underwater Bomb disposal unit which used microwaves within its unit. In the 1970s one of my tasks over an eleven year period was to de-brief spies involved in microwave warfare. The location and process that I used I cannot go into as it is still considered secret. I have two Degrees, and a Diploma and in my retirement I now teach Advanced Level Physics, some Mathematics and some Human Physiology at South Dartmoor College. In September 2001 I was commissioned by the Police Federation to write ‘The Tetra Report’.”

Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army’s depleted uranium cleanup project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles. He described to me how he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities: “We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.” Rokke assured me that, based on his firsthand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons

Am I suggesting that island residents and politicians are at risk? I’m merely presenting information. As far as I’m concerned it throws a whole new light on “safe” microwave technology. I use it sparingly.



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