So the JW Roadshow draws to a close. Did you manage to attend any of the meetings? The media seems to have been more concerned with the proposed bus station than the island-wide discussions concerning our future freedoms. Nothing new there then.

Let’s take a step forward in time:

The encroaching Police State has slowly taken shape while the public was sidetracked and distracted by talent shows, world record attempts and refuse collections. The new generations find it quite normal that the state now controls every facet of everyday life. It’s called conditioning. Parents obediently ensure that their child has all the necessary vaccinations – this is now mandatory. The vaccines are not properly tested and there are numerous side-effects but choice is no longer possible.

Schoolchildren are observed and any deviance from the norm is reported to the multi-agency task force. A mother is alarmed that her four-year old child has been entered on a register because he fiddles with his hair when feeling tired – she doesn’t realise that the staff are protecting themselves. If not reported this could have severe repercussions for the teacher.

A wife waits in vain for her husband to return home after work. She later discovers  that he has been detained by police on suspicion of committing a crime. He had been enjoying a cigarette before driving home but this was mistaken for loitering and the officer felt he could be about to commit a crime. PC O’Bedient also has targets to hit and must be careful to take necessary action when the situation demands it.

It is difficult to obtain reliable news coverage. All media sources are controlled and the internet has also been censored to ‘protect’ everybody.

Chronic illness is the order of the day. Microwave emissions, GM food and food additives are the norm and now everyone knows that they do affect your health – but too late. The ptb have caved in on every issue.

Is the above so far-fetched? How many of these things are already practised in some form or are under consideration?

Personally, manxasthehills though I am, I have no desire to live here under those conditions. But then it is all very much removed from Manx culture and heritage. All measures and legislation have been imported.

The question is: Where do we go? This could actually be a chance for a brand new beginning. Let’s find a country that can still stand up for itself and isn’t dictated to by the UK and the US. Somewhere that we can be sure we won’t be extradited for publishing a link on a blog – or similar. Somewhere where family values are still important and where good wholesome food is the norm not the exception. There are one or two places that come to mind but comments are welcome.

Where do we go to escape an encroaching Police State?


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