So there we have it in black and white. Crime levels in the UK are down. Is this due to wall to wall CCTV, stop and search measure or maybe arresting people before they commit a crime? No. We are simply behaving better, according to BBC reporter Mark Easton:

Homicide down. Violence down. Anti-social behaviour down. It really does begin to look as though the country is behaving better……..

Politicians know the voters want “something to be done” but evidence published today shows that punishment is less effective than encouragement in getting people to behave well.

Money spent on Orwellian Britain was misspent? Encouragement to behave is more effective than punishment? Does this mean that the police are wasting time implementing increased police powers in the UK (this is where it comes from, after all)?

Crikes! Someone had better let JW know that the stuff in the Bill is a sheer waste of time, resources and money.  What we really need is encouragement to behave well. More carrot and less stick, it seems.

But if we didn’t adopt these measures it would mean less work and fewer jobs. It would also mean that certain parties couldn’t make a fortune out of CCTV and other gadgets and that Orwellian Britain could be put on ice. Sounds good to me.


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