Quick recap:

  • Chemtrails are observed throughout the world.
  • They differ from normal aircraft vapour trails
  • They linger, widen and eventually obscure the blue sky and  the sun
  • The US has referred to owning the weather by 2025
  • Patents have been issued for chemtrail technology

What do chemtrails contain? What is being sprayed?

Chemtrails contain:

What is going on?

Geoengineering is the buzzword. Claims have been made that this mixture reflects the sun’s rays and thereby could reduce global warming. (I’m toasting my toes in front of the stove as I write – would we really want lower temperatures here in the Isle of Man?). However, it could also prevent the land cooling at night and this would increase temperatures.  Hardly a success story. And what about wildlife? Animals? Bees?  Back to the drawing board? Apparently not.

More to follow.



The hype continues. Man-made climate change must be dealt with. But is it really our fault or has it much more to do with the aerial spraying reported throughout the world? Toxic particles are being deposited in the skies – intentionally.

For many years the US has talked about owning the weather  – 2025 was the target. They have taken out patents on aerial spraying materials.

International symposiums are held:

IMPLICC Final Symposium:

The Atmospheric Science and Economics

of Climate Engineering via Aerosol Injections

14-16 May, 2012

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany


Exact details of “Half a Century of Earth Systems Experimentation” are exposed:

This is only a taster. The bottom line is that we are being sprayed with toxins and governments remain stumm.

Wait till you find out what they are spraying.  (Watch out for the next blogpost)




So the British Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation is attempting to instil fear of climate change, it seems. The poles are melting? This is because of greenhouse gases which we produce, they tell us. Really? Before we buy into this story we need to see the other side of things. What about the geoengineering which is apparently being practised all over the world? It seems that even the Isle of Man could be victim to this. There are reports, – which I can verify – that aircraft are leaving heavy trails behind them. It can be observed that some aircraft leave normal vapour trails which disappear within a very short time – minutes. – while others leave a trail which actually spreads out and eventually covers the sky in a murky grey colour, obscuring the blue sky and the sun.

This phenomena is obvserved throughout the world. Some have contacted the authorities in order to attempt to obtain a definitive statement on the matter. It seems that there is a universal response to this – no denial,  the authorities simply state that there is no information available.

So while further restrictions are placed on our every day lives “to combat global warming” (they forgot to include the Isle of Man, I think) someone is actually leaving deposits in the skies? How environmentally-friendly can that be? Wouldn’t you think that this would be of concern to our Green governments? Apparently not. Isn’t that strange?

Much more to come.


Tighten your belts – and hold on for a rocky ride. The Department of Social Care, the Treasuy etc seem to have one thing in mind: we (you and me) should learn to manage with less. It’s trendy. It’s what other governments are doing too. There’s just one small difference:The Isle of Man’s missing millions appear to be the only reason for all the cuts. The question is: Why did the situation arise?

The response we have received is that it has happened. In an almost “get over it” tone we have been told that there is no point in questioning how it could have happened the fact is that we are now short of money and must deal with the situation.

So we are supposed to accept the consequences of a badly managed situation and simply cough up? If co-operation is required then we need to be right in the picture. Why should we accept financial hardship while those who were responsible for the situation sit tight and hold on to their perks?

We should assist with making up the deficit that we understand nothing about?

Was it an over-generous donation with no strings attached? Was it an accounting error on the part of the UK or was a deal done somewhere along the line? No-one but no-one should be able to miscalculate multi million pound amounts and still hold their job. Gentleman’s agreement? Why were we cash-rich one day and on a very limited budget the next?

Who is really responsible for the financial situation? Not us!


What is the role of a civil servant? Could it be that they are responsible for carrying out administrative duties within the governmental process? Perhaps that is a little over-simplified. According to conventional media reports civil servants can be involved in writing manifestos.

(A comment on the linked page refers to Common Purpose btw.)

Why would civil servants be consulted about manifestos? They are conversant with the practicalities of proposals. They are experienced in dealing with proposed legislation. There is some sense to this. However, we have to wonder how far this advisory process can go. To what extent should civil servants be involved in an advisory capacity?

This comes to back to the ‘advisors’ doesn’t it? Imo ministers and civil servants are very closely connected.  Ministers have openly admitted that  they accept advice from advisors. It seems that advice is accepted with little questioning if it emanates from a senior government employee. So who really wields the power? We vote for a particular candidate and our MHK now minister then does as he is told? Does that sound like democracy to you?

Comments welcome from ministers who feel that the above is an inaccurate statement.


It seems that Dr Kishore is convinced that Gardasil is completely safe. No risk? An eminent retired neuro surgeon gives us a very different picture of this vaccine. Furthemore, we are given an insight into the statistical chance of a young girl developing cervical cancer.

Young children and their parents are also not being told that yearly pap smears alone can prevent 80 percent or more of all cervical cancers, or that a young girl’s risk of developing cervical cancer apart from the Gardasil vaccine is less than .00002 percent, or less than two-thousandths of a percent, if she gets pap smears

Dr Russell Blaylock tells us that there can be fatal side-effects to the vaccine. A child could die as a result of Gardasil vaccination yet the chance of developing cervical cancer was perhaps as low as less than two thousandths of a per cent?

Our children are dependent on us to make the decision on vaccination for them. They have no voice. Yet they take the risk of suffering side-effects.

PS You don’t suppose that someone is making an awful lot of money from this do you? Perhaps the health service should consider outgoings based on real necessity and risks.


In this latest video Roger Hayes discusses the background to his actions and resulting arrest. The interview covers Common Law, “Star Chambers” and how we all need to act if we are to prevent global governance. A fairy story, you think? Please take the time to check out the UK Government document referring to the All Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance (around 1 hour 54 minutes into the video).

Fast forward to around 45 minutes for the start of the Roger Hayes section:

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Yes, the weather really can be manipulated. Blue skies are becoming a rarity. A bright sunny morning can soon change. The sky becomes striped with aircraft trails – not contrails aka vapour trails, but chemtrails. The trails expand and slowly cover the sky resulting in one of those all too familiar hazy, muggy days.

Those who work outdoors and are wide awake are very aware of this phenomena. Others are blissfully unaware of the reason for the change in the weather. It just turned hazy again, it seems.

A number of people on the island are observing how our skies become striped and murky. Is it important? You betcha. If we are are being sprayed then it will affect growing and harvests. Bee colonies and pollenating insects can’t adapt to chemicals or lack of flowers. The sun is essential for vitamin D. If, as claimed, the spraying results in aluminium deposits – this also has to be of extreme concern. There are reported connections between aluminium and Alzheimers.

Above all – how crazy is this? Spraying the planet to cure the mythical man-made climate change whilst destroying plants, insects etc.?

We are told that geoengineering will create ‘have’ and ‘have-nots’. Guess which bracket we might fall into?

GM crops and many other issues are touched upon in this brand new DVD containing jaw-dropping information from those in the know.