The biggest threat to our wellbeing is half-baked science, well-meaning impressionable politicians and politicians with financial interests in renewables and alternatives. Many scientists do not subscribe to the man-made global warming myth. Sadly, gullible politicians continue to sign treaties and agreements to limit our freedoms in the name of counteracting ‘man-made’ global warming.

Christopher Booker’s article on the wind energy delusion reveals that some politicians also have financial interests in renewables. (Does the same applies to CCTV?)

Anyone impressed by the efficient way in which Britain has organised the   Olympic Games might consider the stark contrast provided by the shambles of   our national energy policy – wholly focused as it is on the belief that we   can somehow keep our lights on by building tens of thousands more wind   turbines within eight years. At one point last week, Britain’s 3,500   turbines were contributing 12 megawatts (MW) to the 38,000MW of electricity   we were using. (The Neta website, which carries official electricity   statistics, registered this as “0.0 per cent”)



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