Why Pay Carbon Taxes when the ‘Official’ Scare is Over? – Data From Leading IPCC Scientists Show Global Temps Have DROPPED Unprecendented 1°C Since 1990!

By P Gosselin – –

If you ask renowned IPCC scientists what the mean global temperature is today, they tell you it’s 14.5°C.

And if you ask them what it was 20 years ago, you would expect the answer to be about 14°C. Surprisingly, their literature from 20 years ago tell us unanimously that in 1990 the global temperature was 15.5°C, one degree Celsius more than today. Look at their own charts below!

The charts that follow are from a compliation made by Rainer Hoffmann of


1991: Here is aGerman government chart, based on Schönwiese. Global temperature in 1991: 15.5°C

1988: Der Spiegel reported a global mean temperature of 15.5°C:

1992: Christian-Dietrich Schönwiese in his book Klima Im Wandel on pages 72 and 73: Global temperature computed from satellite measurements was 15.5°C.

Rainer Hoffmann presents other sources from the early 1990s confirming the 15.5°C mean global temperature 20 years ago. Back then 15.5°C appeared to be the consensus among the scientific community.


Now 20 years later in 2012. The IPCC scientists are telling us that the current mean global temperature is 14.5°C. One degree celsius less. Why the downgrade?

In 2012 IPCC honchos Hans-Joachim Schellhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf in their recent 7th edition book Der Klimawandel (see the next chart below) cite Hadley, saying today the global average temperature is 14.5°C. That’s a whole degree less!

Mojib Latif on March, 12, 2012 at his presentation in Hamburg confirmed the current global mean temperature of 14.5°C.

The IPCC’s 4th Assessment report of 2007 also used the 14.5° figure for the mean global temperature.


At that rate of colling, 15.5° in 1990 to 14.5° in 2010, we’ll be deep into an ice age by the end of the century.

How can we be having global warming when the temperature went from 15.5°C in the early 1990s to only 14.5°C today? Are climate scientists just throwing out numbers?

How much are 14.5 – 15.5? The answer is -1.0. But the IPCC is telling us it’s +0.5.

These numbers prove that there’s something arbitrary, fishy and fraudulent about the climate data being fed to the public today. It means nobody really has a clue what the global temperature really is.

More on this here.


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