Yes, the weather really can be manipulated. Blue skies are becoming a rarity. A bright sunny morning can soon change. The sky becomes striped with aircraft trails – not contrails aka vapour trails, but chemtrails. The trails expand and slowly cover the sky resulting in one of those all too familiar hazy, muggy days.

Those who work outdoors and are wide awake are very aware of this phenomena. Others are blissfully unaware of the reason for the change in the weather. It just turned hazy again, it seems.

A number of people on the island are observing how our skies become striped and murky. Is it important? You betcha. If we are are being sprayed then it will affect growing and harvests. Bee colonies and pollenating insects can’t adapt to chemicals or lack of flowers. The sun is essential for vitamin D. If, as claimed, the spraying results in aluminium deposits – this also has to be of extreme concern. There are reported connections between aluminium and Alzheimers.

Above all – how crazy is this? Spraying the planet to cure the mythical man-made climate change whilst destroying plants, insects etc.?

We are told that geoengineering will create ‘have’ and ‘have-nots’. Guess which bracket we might fall into?

GM crops and many other issues are touched upon in this brand new DVD containing jaw-dropping information from those in the know.


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