It seems that Dr Kishore is convinced that Gardasil is completely safe. No risk? An eminent retired neuro surgeon gives us a very different picture of this vaccine. Furthemore, we are given an insight into the statistical chance of a young girl developing cervical cancer.

Young children and their parents are also not being told that yearly pap smears alone can prevent 80 percent or more of all cervical cancers, or that a young girl’s risk of developing cervical cancer apart from the Gardasil vaccine is less than .00002 percent, or less than two-thousandths of a percent, if she gets pap smears

Dr Russell Blaylock tells us that there can be fatal side-effects to the vaccine. A child could die as a result of Gardasil vaccination yet the chance of developing cervical cancer was perhaps as low as less than two thousandths of a per cent?

Our children are dependent on us to make the decision on vaccination for them. They have no voice. Yet they take the risk of suffering side-effects.

PS You don’t suppose that someone is making an awful lot of money from this do you? Perhaps the health service should consider outgoings based on real necessity and risks.


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