Tighten your belts – and hold on for a rocky ride. The Department of Social Care, the Treasuy etc seem to have one thing in mind: we (you and me) should learn to manage with less. It’s trendy. It’s what other governments are doing too. There’s just one small difference:The Isle of Man’s missing millions appear to be the only reason for all the cuts. The question is: Why did the situation arise?

The response we have received is that it has happened. In an almost “get over it” tone we have been told that there is no point in questioning how it could have happened the fact is that we are now short of money and must deal with the situation.

So we are supposed to accept the consequences of a badly managed situation and simply cough up? If co-operation is required then we need to be right in the picture. Why should we accept financial hardship while those who were responsible for the situation sit tight and hold on to their perks?

We should assist with making up the deficit that we understand nothing about?

Was it an over-generous donation with no strings attached? Was it an accounting error on the part of the UK or was a deal done somewhere along the line? No-one but no-one should be able to miscalculate multi million pound amounts and still hold their job. Gentleman’s agreement? Why were we cash-rich one day and on a very limited budget the next?

Who is really responsible for the financial situation? Not us!


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