The hype continues. Man-made climate change must be dealt with. But is it really our fault or has it much more to do with the aerial spraying reported throughout the world? Toxic particles are being deposited in the skies – intentionally.

For many years the US has talked about owning the weather  – 2025 was the target. They have taken out patents on aerial spraying materials.

International symposiums are held:

IMPLICC Final Symposium:

The Atmospheric Science and Economics

of Climate Engineering via Aerosol Injections

14-16 May, 2012

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany


Exact details of “Half a Century of Earth Systems Experimentation” are exposed:


This is only a taster. The bottom line is that we are being sprayed with toxins and governments remain stumm.

Wait till you find out what they are spraying.  (Watch out for the next blogpost)




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