So the British Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation is attempting to instil fear of climate change, it seems. The poles are melting? This is because of greenhouse gases which we produce, they tell us. Really? Before we buy into this story we need to see the other side of things. What about the geoengineering which is apparently being practised all over the world? It seems that even the Isle of Man could be victim to this. There are reports, – which I can verify – that aircraft are leaving heavy trails behind them. It can be observed that some aircraft leave normal vapour trails which disappear within a very short time – minutes. – while others leave a trail which actually spreads out and eventually covers the sky in a murky grey colour, obscuring the blue sky and the sun.

This phenomena is obvserved throughout the world. Some have contacted the authorities in order to attempt to obtain a definitive statement on the matter. It seems that there is a universal response to this – no denial,  the authorities simply state that there is no information available.

So while further restrictions are placed on our every day lives “to combat global warming” (they forgot to include the Isle of Man, I think) someone is actually leaving deposits in the skies? How environmentally-friendly can that be? Wouldn’t you think that this would be of concern to our Green governments? Apparently not. Isn’t that strange?

Much more to come.


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