Quick recap:

  • Chemtrails are observed throughout the world.
  • They differ from normal aircraft vapour trails
  • They linger, widen and eventually obscure the blue sky and  the sun
  • The US has referred to owning the weather by 2025
  • Patents have been issued for chemtrail technology

What do chemtrails contain? What is being sprayed?

Chemtrails contain:

What is going on?

Geoengineering is the buzzword. Claims have been made that this mixture reflects the sun’s rays and thereby could reduce global warming. (I’m toasting my toes in front of the stove as I write – would we really want lower temperatures here in the Isle of Man?). However, it could also prevent the land cooling at night and this would increase temperatures.  Hardly a success story. And what about wildlife? Animals? Bees?  Back to the drawing board? Apparently not.

More to follow.


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