We know that geoengineering methods have been patented. We know that symposiums on the topic of geoengineering and aerial spraying have been held by the Max Planck Institute – no less. We also know that governments do not deny the existence of geoengineering. But surely no-one could spray us without first obtaining permission to do so? And who on earth would permit this?

Well, we also know that it has already happened:

The UK has admitted that Porton Down has sprayed the population of Norwich in the past and cannot assure us that it would not happen again:

(It was carried out to protect the public LOL)

and in the more recent past the Luxembourg broadcaster RTL reported how meteorologists had noted the strange appearance of cloud formation on radar. In face of the evidence German military members were forced to admit that they had used spray whilst conducting camouflage trials.

Still think we couldn’t be sprayed without our express permission?


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