If you’ve been following the geoengineering/chemtrail blogposts and are concerned about this technology then you may be asking yourself “why”? Why indeed? Why would anyone invest time and money on spraying the earth with highly dangerous toxins in the name of ‘saving the planet’?

If, as today’s video shows, soil acidity is being affected and weather is sabotaged the result is problems for farmers, growers and gardeners. If for instance an area has been affected by drought or alkili soil the result will be evident. A poor harvest. But just supposing you produce genetically modified seeds which no-one in their right mind would want, you now discover that growers are clamouring for your drought-resistant product. Interestingly, aluminium resistant seeds have already been developed – and what is a main component of the spraying? You guessed – aluminium.

Problem. Reaction. Solution. Create the solution and devise the problem? Now if you think this is far-fetched then you might be interested to discover that Barclays have made a small fortune by speculating on food staples. Monsanto has its fingers in many well-known food brands as well. Americans have no way of knowing if food contains GM ingredients or not.

The island desperately needs to encourage farmers to produce food instead of being countryside caretakers. The government also needs to ensure the skies are clear of spraying, We all know what happens when the boat doesn’t sail. Empty shelves. We have to return to self-sufficiency.



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