Non-organics are fine. We have all survived being fed a non-organic diet. This is the conclusion reached by a Telegraph journalist who is happy to feed his baby non-organics. Can journalists still think for themselves? Or do they unquestioningly embrace the results of questionable studies?

With a horrendous jump in the incidence of cancer and ever-increasing statistics it seems incredible that some journalists rarely question what lands on the desk. The number one question should be “Who provided the funding”. The funding source can play a major part in the study result.

From mobile phones to repeated exposure to x-rays and artificial additives in food, all these things are reportedly safe. So why do we have such a huge increase in the incidence of cancer? It seems that if you don’t instantly drop dead on exposure to any of the above then it must be safe. But what about the immune system? If if is slowly being dismantled owing to exposure to these things then we leave ourselves open to cancer and many other diseases. A healthy immune system is essential for our continued good health.

Cancer begins at cellular level yet it seems that therapies rarely tackle this. Cut, burn and poison doesn’t really sound very advanced nor does it seem to combat the illness from its origins. If exposure to a multitude of unnatural and unhealthy items doesn’t result in instant death it does not mean that it is safe to repeatedly use or consume these items (and what about varying amounts consumed and synergistic effects?). They are alien to our physiology and the effect is gradual, not instant.

If Harry Wallop wishes to feed his baby non-organic food that is his decision.

Personally, I have discovered huge health benefits from eating local organics and drinking heavenly Greem Mann water. It’s also a cumulative effect – but it’s worth waiting for the effect to kick in. However, it’s a matter of choice.

It’s known that Asian women eating a traditional diet have a very low incidence of breast cancer. Yet if they move to the west and adopt our diet they have the same incidence as western women.

Of course we are affected by the quality of our food and our environment but those with vested interests in the continuance of the status quo will always manage to produce a questionable study to ‘prove’ their point. Thank goodness we don’t have to swallow everything!


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