The previous post contains an extract from Gary Null’s (et al) article, Death by Medicine:

As stated previously this is not a denial of the value of conventional medicine in trauma situations such as broken bones, heart attacks etc. However, the treatment of chronic illness with allopathic methods has to be questioned. Antibiotics are an issue too, over-prescribed as they seem to be.

The revelations in this article must surely be food for thought for our health minister. How much of the money spent in the health service is money well spent? Could we be saving millions and living longer and healthier with fewer interventions from the allopathic fraternity?

How about assisting those who wish to take advantage of highly effective alternative therapies available? We might be a lot healthier for it and we could be saving the health service mega bucks.  After all, it seems that allopathic medcine is highly expensive yet the value of this in every case has now been questioned in this recent research. Time we removed the blinkers?


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