Lancashire police officers are suing the force over injuries allegedly caused by use of the radio system. One hundred and seventy-six officers have reported sick with symptoms they attribute to the use of the new equipment.

The Isle of Man has its fair share of this technology with all police officers, fire crews, ambulance teams, marshals, race controllers, vehicles and helicopters using TETRA.

Dr Barrie Trower explains in detail why the use of TETRA is so dangerous. He goes on to say how he has had no fewer than five female officers visit him  – all suffering from neck tumours. Where do they carry the handsets? Barrie Trower contends that our police and emergency services are being subjected to an experiment.

Please take the time to view and if you have friends or relatives who use this equipment please pass the information on:



  1. I would have thought it very subversive for the police to be aware of this danger to their health and their fertility. This is one of those things the powers that be will try to stall until the awful truth is utterly undeniable and all the ones responsible have retired with their cushy pensions or snuffed it themselves.

    The poor gulf war veterans who struggle for recognition of their plight will soon be joined by ex-coppers with tumours cancers and behavioural problems. It is sad that the media and medical profession will not treat them with the respect and compassion they clearly deserve.

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