OK. I’m going to really upset some people here but here goes: The following report describing a man’s complete recovery from cancer after avoiding red meat and dairy, consuming large quantities of raw veg and supplementing this with apricot kernels, barley grass powder and other items from his health store is one of countless reports where it appears that cancer sufferers have cured themselves with diet and supplements.

This man had been abandoned by conventional medicine. Nothing more could be done. More chemo wouldn’t help. The same medics then informed him that he is cancer-free. The usual explanation from conventional medicine practitioners is that this can be attributed to “spontaneous remission”. Could it be that we are being told that if doctors weren’t involved then no other factors could be responsible for healing?

The general public is incredibly generous towards cancer charities, and has been for many years. Where are the results from all the financial input and why are cases of recovery without conventional medicine involvement never researched to determine if there isn’t perhaps something to be learned? If Big Pharma can’t make money out of things then it is not “worth” researching? Cancer is big business. And despite enormous donations over many, many years we see little real difference in conventional therapies.

If this topic is of relevance to you I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Please research.

Did this grandfather, 78, really beat ‘incurable’ cancer just by changing  his diet? Extraordinary story of the man who got ‘all-clear’ after swapping red  meat and dairy products for 10 fruit and veg a day

  • Doctors told Allan Taylor, 78, in April that his cancer couldn’t be treated  and had spread from his colon to his small intestine
  • In August the retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough got another letter  – to say he was cancer-free
  • He puts the change down to his new diet,  which he adopted after looking up ‘colon cancer cures’ on the  internet

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