It seems that despite the fact that the local rag has recently been focused on such things as potatoes being washed ashore and other fascinating topics, disgruntled readers expect real news. One topic which has received little coverage is the East Douglas By-Election issue. Names are being dropped.  Donald Gelling has been openly mentioned. We await  reportage about others.

The interesting part is the dearth of information. If there really was an attempt to secure a seat for a celebrity chef by less than legitimate means then this is surely major news. Especially if there is any kind of connection with previous election campaigns.

Secretive financial backing. A well-known former politician. A developer and a celebrity chef. Not forgetting the supposedly maverick behaviour of one of the players. Add to that a  phenomenal rise in the number of proxy votes for this constituency. It sounds like the stuff reporters would love to get their hands on. Apparently not. The local media doesn’t have a lot to say about it. Of course there will be some legal restrictions on reporting. All for everyone’s protection –  naturally.

Could it be that there really has been an attempt by those with financial power to gain political control?  Nothing like that could happen outside this microcosm of course.Party leaders in other countries we favour are obviously always squeaky clean. Wealthy families such as Rockefelllers and Rothschilds have no influence on the world stage. Media sources are simply inefficient.

It’s all going nicely to plan.



  1. fair comment, we should not just be kept in the dark and fed mushrooms. I suspect that poor Kevin Woodford was pretty feckless and genuinely did not know who was ultimately signing the cheque. Not sure if Buster singing like a canary in court will do his kneecaps any good though, though I doubt if Buster’s ultimate backers had any idea of the full extent of his skulduggery let alone approved of it. Still I shall await the real news eagerly. I was a teller for Colin Cain at this election and the other tellers separated themselves from Buster’s hirelings while having a good laugh, overall being a teller for someone else is much more fun than being a candidate yourself. Kevin Woodford got nothing but a bloody big headache from the whole fiasco and it is easy to get sucked in so I feel for him and think he has been done to.

  2. Your comment also seems to be more than fair. Kevin Woodford a simple pawn. Those with a political agenda (a former CM and a developer – a curious mix) providing wonga. All of the above blissfully unaware of the cunning tactics that might be employed by a third party? Who knows? The term plea-bargaining came into my mind but I’m just an uninformed bystander.

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