Well done Pernilla Hagberg. A courageous lady if ever there was one. While most politicians, even those with supposedly Green leanings, prefer to sidestep the chemtrails issue but Ms Hagberg courageously questions what is going on. She has demanded answers about chemtrails in the Swedish parliament and is one of the few politicians worldwide who are helping to encourage open discussion of this topic.

Although a Green party member she does not claim to represent the party on this one. Let’s hope other party members stop paying lip service to saving the planet and start asking questions about this topic. Please see the previous blogpost for further credible information on this – it’s from the BBC, after all.

In Germany Werner Altnickel, a former Green party member is also vociferous in his fight to draw attention to the regular sky pollution which occurs. It’s happening here too. The most recent video on his website clearly shows how “contrails” are being switched on and off. It is visible about one minute into the footage. Keep watching for a slow motion repeat:

Where are all the other Greens who obediently comply with the latest sermon from the church of planet saviours? We are being sprayed and this must be investigated. Where does the Isle of Man stand on this and where is the outcry from the environmentalists? Save the planet by spraying toxins?


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