Ever checked out the amount of sanctions that Tynwald apparently nods through? It seems that if the US decides it has found another potential enemy then sanctions are imposed. The EU obediently follows suit and that of course means that we comply.

Our allies and enemies are clearly defined for us by the national brainwashing media and for many of us it seems reasonable to fall in line and ensure we are not assisting the enemies, prone as they are to threatening world peace.

Who really threatens world peace? Which country continually takes “pre-emptive” actions resulting in loss of life for innocent civilians. Which country has little to offer in the way of useful exports these days, apart from weapons and cancer-causing GM seeds? It’s taken me a long time to see things as they really are but once you’ve woken up there is no going back.

Sacntions cause suffering to innocent families. It may be difficult to access essential medication and other basics. Almost certainly it will de-stabilise the economy. Does this seem a reasonable thing to do?

As a global-macro analyst, I am frequently asked if war with Iran will come and, if so, when,” writes Jim Rickards, a Wall Street economist and investment banker.

“My answer is that the war has already begun. It’s not a shooting war – yet. What the U.S. and Israel are now waging with Iran is what experts call unrestricted warfare. This is warfare that consists of sabotage, assassination, special operations, psychological operations, attacks on critical infrastructure, cyber warfare and – the most recent addition to the arsenal – financial warfare.”

Earlier this year, the Obama administration imposed sanctions on the central bank of Iran. “International banks were told if they did business with Iran’s central bank, they would be barred from doing business in the global dollar payments system controlled by the U.S. Of course, the banks complied,” Rickards writes. “The result was an immediate isolation of Iran from the dollar system and an acute shortage of dollars in Iran. The Iranian currency, the rial, crashed in value 40% against the dollar in a few days.”.

Should we really sign up to every sanction that comes our way? Or do we have a choice? Sanctions can be applied to non-comnpliant countries. Are we really free as thy sweet mountain air?


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