Are the natives getting restless and beginning to see things for what they are? Letters in the Isle of Man Examiner expose discontent in our midst. One writer suggests that there should be cuts in the amount of civil servants we have. Hear hear. However, we know that turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Just what do you do with a sector that appears to be out of control?

Another writer queries how our MHKs have the gall to appeal for our co-operation when some do not contribute to their own pensions. The author goes on to say that he doesn’t trust our politicians. Neither do I and I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments. It defies belief that our MHKs appeal to us for underrstanding and co-operation after apparently bungling attempts to manage the economy. How did the VAT situation arise? Did we really succeed in negotiating a highly beneficial agreement to the detriment of the UK? Do we have that calibre of negotiator in our midst? Or was it a goof on the part of the UK? Or was there a deal? Did we sacrifice our sovereignty perhaps in exchange for wonga?

We are not responsible for the present situation and those who are do not have the decency to resign. Keep the perks and persecute the plebs to make up the shortfall?


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