Further allegations about JS continue to hit the headlines. Is it all about attention seekers? Obviously not. The stories are so similar, so widespread that only the gullible could continue to believe that the behaviour couldn’t have been concealed by the media. The media habitually backs away from child abuse stories linked to the rich and famous. Why? Could it be that influential people are in positions to stop the stories hitting the media? Could it be that the known abusers are the top of the iceberg and that further revelations could reveal details about government members, the titled etc.?

How are you and I treated? We are all treated with suspicion. We are treated as potential abusers. You can’t obtain a job which involves dealing with children without a police check. No mobile phones with cameras allowed on school outings? The system presribes permitted interaction with children. Our governments appear to be paranoid about child abuse and yet stories of paedophilia which could possibly involve prominent members of society are brushed over. Why? Because there is no case to answer? While the gullible continue to accept the airbrushed stories others continue to suffer.

Governments love child abuse, it has been said. Sadly, there could be some truth to this. Paedophilia is the only remaining taboo. Once evidence of such abhorrent behaviour about a government member exists then the perfect puppet has been invented.

Believe it or go back to  sheep sleep.



  1. Any abuser with a connection to the state tends to get protected by the police, judiciary, doctors and by the media. The only real inkling that child abuse is so institutionalised is when an expendable catholic priest gets defrocked.
    The police have investigations stopped when top brass are involved. Google Hollie Grieg. People have apparently been murdered and imprisoned to shut them up.
    The judiciary seem to use secrecy in courts to steer their decision.
    If the abuser happens to be a social worker or policeman then it appears to be common practice to section the victim and put them in a secure mental hospital to keep them quiet.
    The media tends to keep quiet about “sensitive” issues and are even issued D notices whenever senior government people are involved. again Google Hollie Grieg and come to your own conclusions about Haut de la Garenne to figure out what really happened.

    Go on to youtube and search for “sun sea and satan” full movie by Bill Maloney on what he thinks what happened at Haut de la Garenne.

  2. Why do some still prefer to believe that these stories can’t be true? The latest stories about JS suggest that he threatened those he abused. No-one would believe you anyway, he challenged. It’s the standard threat from paedos which often results in the abused remaining silent.The Hollie Greig story (referred to in the previous post) is yet another example of the establishment turning the deaf ear. In Hollie’s case an investigative television programme was also pulled.

    If only someone had had the courage to question JS’s behaviour the abuse could not have continued.

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