Seventy grand to decide on a 24/30 million investment. ET reveals the cost for consultants on the Pinewood deal. Had the investment not been advisable would we be writing off seventy thousand? So the new calcuation is somewhere between 24 and 30 odd million plus 70,000 pounds.

It seems there was a heavy commitment to this investment right from the outset.  As swingeing cuts are considered in various departments government was convinced that this line had to be pursued, it seems. We spent millions and millions on an ailing industry? We’ll be waiting for the wonga then.

However, it looks as if the government blew all the media money before Manx Radio could get a look in. Things are not looking good for local media – and after the staff have always been so careful about their reports as well. Just goes to show… If there’s nothing more to lose why not bring us the real news and reports about government inquiries etc.?


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