The Chief Minister had an easy ride on today’s Mannin Line.  Given kid glove treatment by Roger Watterson there were few really probing questions. Al talked endlessly with little interruption and the evident display of reverence (normal for Manx Radio – nothing exceptional) and the yawn-evoking pace of what could have been a punchy, exciting and informative programme almost certainly deterred listeners from questioning. I had planned a question or two but after a short while it became eivdent that there would be one main speaker on the show. Lengthy speeches were accommodated to the boring and predictable end. Do we need Manx Radio?

However, one little gem was mentioned: Pharmaceuticals are a major drain on the island’s finances. Why not assist those who wish to take advantage of proven alternatives – Traditional Chinese Medicine comes to mind immediately – and save the taxpayer the cost of endless prescribed toxins which are frequently thrown in the bin or which cause side-effects requiring further medication? Think outside the box. If we can step outside of the UK benefit system then why not have some creative thinking in the health department?

Sufferers of chronic illness could choose. If they still think that allopathic medicine has all the answers let them have their fix. For those of us who would choose alternative treatments, much cheaper than the Big Pharma offerings, it would make sense to make these accessible to us and leave the pharma fix for those who want it.


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