At last someone speaks out. A letter in The Examiner exposes Care Pathways and in particular refers to the Liverpool pathway. Pathway to euthanasia? No, I think euthanasia is usually proposed to be carried out in a humane manner.

The writer explains that the decision to deny food, liquids and life sustaining medication is often taken by hospital staff without consulting or informing the patient or relatives. So you might be selected to be murdered in a prolonged and unpleasant manner? If relatives are unable to visit regularly they might well be quite unaware of what is going on.

The author goes on to compare assisted death, not legal in the UK, where the chosen method is gentle and much quicker.

Population reduction is frequently referred to by globalists. Vaccines have been mentioned as an effective method – yes, dear old Bill Gates has stated that vaccination will reduce the population – but subjecting us to regular radiation to check for tumours, putting fluoride in the water, spraying us (cloud seeding supposedly), selling tumour-producing GM foods without labels (do you really know what is in US produce?) and now torturous euthanasia could all be pretty effective as well.

The planet is important – we are a blight on the earth. Beginning to get the message?


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