For immediate and widespread distribution – Mother at risk of forcible drugging with anti-psychotic medication – PLEASE ACT

Holly Barker, a caring mother, has been sectioned on Friday 26 October 2012 by Oxfordshire and Welsh Child Services and Mental Health Teams for trying to defend her daughter against abuse.

Holly was not properly admitted to hospital on arrival at 1830 Friday evening; she was not examined by a doctor on, or shortly after admission, and was not assessed by a doctor until 0200 on Saturday morning when she could not sleep. The doctor attending her at that time had no idea why she had been admitted, did not appear to have read her medical notes, and seemed unsure of her status in the hospital. Despite this a nurse is now attempting to forcibly prescribe anti psychotic drugs.

This action by Oxfordshire County Council, where members of the Child Protection Team and the Psychiatric team are working in collaboration,  appears to be to silence Holly, whilst her daughter, who has been placed in ‘care’, continues to be abused. It is understood that at least one of the abusers is connected to Oxfordshire County Council.

Holly is now in immediate danger of being forcibly prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, and is being told that the need for these drugs was prescribed during her admission examination – an examination which never took place.

Prior to her sectioning Holly was rational and measured in her actions, applying reason and common sense and working hard to protect her daughter from further abuse; abuse facilitated and condoned by Oxfordshire Child Services in collusion with others.

Holly is now in:

Wintle Ward Warneford Hospital Warneford Lane Headington Oxford OX3 7JX Contacts 01865 741717 (switchboard) Wintle Ward 01865 738691

Can we ask that all concerned people call in a polite, reasonable and measured way, to ask what is happening and why and to establish her safety and well being. Holly has been sectioned to prevent her defending her daughter. She was tricked by Oxfordshire Social Services into allowing the sectioning team into her Oxford flat, whilst she was alone and waiting for removal men. Oxfordshire SS have colluded with Welsh SS in sectioning her for telling the truth.

Concerned individuals may also wish to call the Emergency Child Protection Team on 0800 833 408. Duty Officer for Saturday 27 October 2012 is Elaine Wade on 01235 521967

What is happening to Holly could happen to any caring Mother or Father in UK unless the wider general public act to stop it. One phone call from many can be the first step into stopping this fascist detention and sectioning of caring innocent people. Please help – politely and calmly.




  1. this despicable tactic cynically used to silence critics the authorities do not want to hear is not unknown in the isle of man.

  2. Does the Isle of Man ever differ from the UK? Although it seems we can do our own thing when it comes to reducing benefits otherwise we simply seem to clone UK policies, statutes and “working practices”. It would appear that we had to import social workers to implement the “new working practices” which Martyn Quayle permitted. Cloned working practices and imported social workers. What can we expect?

    Of course some will dismiss this story anyway. The same people who dismissed the first reports about Savile?

  3. poor jimmy was much maligned until we got to about 200 victims then some very bright people noticed a pattern, I can see why these people were recruited into the police!!!

    Hmmm perhaps not.

  4. It seems that he was referred to on more than one occasion as a ‘reprobate’. His behaviour was an open secret. It was ignored – or even accepted. Politicians and employees of the monarchy were aware of it, demonstrating that It is obviously possible for outrageous and even depraved behaviour to be ignored by the establishment. How easily Savile seems to have silenced so many people! Which means that dreadful things could be happening which are not covered by the mainstream media. Imagine that! You don’t suppose that things aren’t really the way they are presented to us by the system, do you?

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