So we now discover that mammograms might not be in our best interest. Chemo is not a cancer cure and can be lethal. Why did no-one tell us? Why have medics been reticent on this?

If this isn’t enough a geriatrician raises concerns over the Liverpool Care Pathway:

Dr Gillian Craig, a consultant geriatrician who was among the first doctors to raise the concerns over the possible flaws of the LCP, described the use of the incentives as “absolutely shocking”.

“I think there should be questions in Parliament as to who instigated this policy and I think the cash payments should be stopped forthwith,” she said.

“You can’t pay people to use a certain protocol that everybody knows to be lethal.”

Still think you should swallow the vaccination propaganda?  Medics are not infallible and when Big Pharma becomes involved it could well be that financial interests override ethics. Unlikely? As unlikely as a paedophile rubbing shoulders with royalty and acting as a marriage guidance counsellor or as incredible as receiving unsolicited invitations to attend breast cancer screening and using heavy toxins which wipe out your immune system to make you better.

Always research “accepted views.”




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