Following the child abuse case in Rochdale we are told that children are still being abused:

As in other abuse cases the children’s complaints were not heeded. Does this inspire confidence? Yes, it may be going back a little but how well were Samantha Barton and George Green protected while in care?

The ease with which the British state can hold data, intervene and take charge of children, hold secret courts and even section whistleblowers who spill the beans on paedophiles is to be questioned. Frankly, after all we have learnt in the last few weeks, how can we trust those who decide children’s fate? Police checks, did you say? The Peel teacher and the Ballaugh case must make the inadequacy of this system obvious. We don’t need further snooping on parents. We need more transparency in the care system. How was a database as well as new working practices costing half a million simply adopted? How much do we know about those working in social care?

Stop the one-sided snooping. Are all those on the government payroll squeaky clean?


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