No wonder the government can’t balance the books. The answers about jollies  business trips supplied to Tynwald in October 2012 have been scrutinised and further questions were asked in this week’s Keys sitting. It seems the questions refer to a total of approximately twelve trips (give or take – it’s only money). The costings have now been trimmed substantially and revised details will be supplied to Tynwald.

Now, I’m no accountant but it does seem odd that highly paid civil servants could make such huge errors in the answers provided. We see massive differences between the first costings provided and the new, revised amounts. And when I say massive, I mean humungous.

An example:

The Low Carbon Motor Festival attendance was said to have cost £11,550. The new revised figure is £4,100.

Dainese 2012 Press Launch was £5182.00 now £375

TT 2012 ~Organisation and Planning Meeting suddenly plunged from £12,600 to  £500!!!!

British Superbike now comes in  at £270.85 instead of £12,492!!!

Check it out:

How can highly-paid civil servants get it so wrong? You don’t suppose some ‘delegates’ decided to pay things out of their own pockets when things were scrutinised do you? No, of course not. I wouldn’t suggest that. What’s your plausible explanation for these ‘errors’?

Where’s the outcry?


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