Men in raincoats loitering near playgrounds? It seems that the ones we really need to watch are the organised paedophile circles and it seems there are establishment names there.

Do you have the feeling that mainstream, on the whole, is trying to dump all this on the doorsteps of dead depraved? But we are not so easily fooled. A smokescreen to cover the present active paedophiles in high society and politics, is that the idea?

The distressing tales of care homes is quite hard to stomach. Children put in care – to be abused at will? What checks and balances do we have on present day “do-gooders”?

The child protection whistleblower who contacted the MP Tom Watson last month did so because he was once in a team of just the kind needed now. I was first in contact with his team and wrote about it 19 years ago, before it was abruptly closed down by orders from on high. It was a brilliant prototype, a joint police/social services investigation into the ring around childcare guru Peter Righton. It produced establishment names and revealed an alleged linked cover-up by Labour – let us never forget paedophilia is a cross-party crime – and was shut down as a result. Not one of the implicated men was prosecuted.

So, how much does Britain care for its children? If we get another inquiry stuffed with do-gooders with no real powers, we will know. We don’t need more hand-wringing and a report published years later; we need to kick down a few doors and rescue some children.

Eileen Fairweather is a freelance journalist covering child protection issues


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