If you find it hard to believe that paedophilia is really so rampant then maybe the following video could go some way to explaining things.

Dr. Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE review
Kinsey believed that children were sexual beings and experimented by sexually abusing them. He went as far as raping babies and yet Hollywood glamorised his work in a film with Liam Neeson. The American government now officially call children sexual beings there are calls to rename pedeophiles “minor attracted” and  to give them treatment programmes instead of  jail. A recent doctor who was an advisor to the British Government was sacked when he released a report linking pedeophilia with homosexuality. An advisor to the Scottish government who was the head of the LGBT was jailed for raping a baby this caused the government great embarrassment..This is just the beginning it will soon be a hate crime to even suggest there is a link and it will be you facing jail while pedeophiles walk free to stalk children. Yet we sit silent as our children are being fed a sexual agenda by state schools and the media. Research the anti-defamation league they are the authors of all hate crime legislation they openly admit their hatred of Christianity and their wish to destroy the family unit. It is time to look at the facts stand up and speak the truth. Adults can do what they want in their private life it is none of our business but when they start trying to pollute innocent children’s thinking then we must act. I am not saying only homosexuals are pedeophiles that would be a nonsense as there are examples of heterosexual pedeophiles. Only highlighting the facts that a link exists. True Christians should love their enemies and bless those who curse them and have compassion on the lost.


Some very strange people hold high positions in society.


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