If you could stomach the video (previous blog post) then you are surely feeling repulsed and enraged that these vile deeds could have been perpetrated on children. It seems to me that paadophiles are continually attempting to convince the rest of society that this abhorrent behaviour is normal and should be legalised.

This thinking is pervading everyday life. Think little girls’ clothes. It takes discerning selection these days to ensure that children are dressed as children. Childhood is being withdrawn and children are bombarded with adult topics. As we have touched upon, UNESCO has even been connected with suggestions that children of five years old are taught about masturbation. What kind of person would suggest that? These sickos are everywhere and they are devious and secretive.  It is our responsibility to stop these ideas being adopted any further.

With the likelihood that all organisations contain a percentage of paedophiles, who are known to work together, vigilance on our part is essential. Children need our protection.

So while our government may find that we must conform with anything that emanates from global organisations such as UNESCO we must retain common sense and question why changes or statutes are baing proposed.

The new working practices in the Social Care department, costing half a million, were slipped in at the end of a term of government. Fait accompli. We discover parents are being observed and reported on and the details are being held on a secret database. Who watches the watchers?

David Cameron was quick to introduce the topic of homosexuality into the abuse arena. No-one has actually linked the two that I am aware of. However, the PC card is always an effective one to play. Political correctness should not be used to prevent us from asking questions.

Help care for children abused by the system. Ask questions and keep asking.


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