An open letter to Ed Milliband

We don’t want an emergency debate about the the BBC. We want a proper debate about the shameful treatment of Steven Messham.

Dear Ed

Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn whistleblower and long-term fighter for justice against institutional sex abuse Steven Messham has been found safe and well.

It’s a relief. But let me give you just a glimmer of what this man has had to suffer – for the nth time – at the hands of tabloid hacks, justice-perverting smears, and neolithic views about mental health problems over the last 36 hours.

A disingenuously patronising piece in the Mail on Sunday by Lord McAlpine. A foul piece of smear journalism from two Mail hacks with a sorry track-record of pro-institutional, anti-accuser mistakes. And being referred to as “a weirdo” by the truly appalling David Mellor.

Do I give a monkey’s about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, or the McAlpine family? Not really. Do I give a toss about blamestorming the BBC? No, not even slightly.

Here’s why, Edward, Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.

Mostly what I care about is horribly blighted lives, frightened and confused kids, and the vermin who satiated their delusional lusts upon them at the most vulnerable period of their growing-up process.

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manxasthehills: Steve Messham is alive and well, thank goodness. The above  open letter requests an inquiry into the secretive system that exists in this country. This is essential. Until we can peel away the layers of secrecy children will continue to be abused by those who can afford to cover their tracks. The topic of paedophilia is not where this blog started out but since we seem to be run by Whitehall we need to know what goes on over there and demand answers – as it seems we have adopted the same system.

It seems that CEOs here think their job is to implement whatever statutes exist in the UK. Maybe that is their job??


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